EVE Secrets

Many programmers leave some personal mark on their creations. Known informally in the industry as easter eggs, these undocumented features often manifest themselves as secret messages, hidden animations, or images of wives and cats. When faced with extra time between design revisions, I contemplated what mark I wanted to leave hidden in the depths of EVE. With the help of Martha, the project's media manager, we decided to draw on the relationship themes of EVE and based a number of secrets on the number four, symbolic of the group of four of us who became close friends from across continents.

It is recommended that you save your game before trying some of these secrets as some of them will intentially effect your game session in unpredictable ways.
Scene 02: Options

This scene is accessable almost anywhere in the product by clicking on the egg in the upper left hand corner of the screen. (Don't confuse this scene with the initial options screen that animates and has sound.)

  • Click on the four blue stars (1), (2), (3), (4) four times each.

  • Click once in the area marked (5).

You will be transported to Scene 28: STT Flyin Riddle 1 where a "portal generator" will allow you to jump to any scene in the product.
Scene 02: Options
Scene 28:  STT Flyin Riddle 1

Play the scene as you normally would by catching three bugs in your net. After the reward audio plays:

  • Rollover all 16 apples in the tree and click on the tree trunk. All the insects will scurry off the screen except for four which will fly toward the center.

  • When they've reached the center, you can use the bugs to enter any scene number (01-111) that you wish to visit.

  • The bottom left bug enters tens, the bottom right bug enters ones. After you've keyed in the scene number click on the upper right bug to jump to that scene. In case you've made a mistake, the upper left bug clears your entry and you can start over. (Example: to go to scene 78 you would hit the bottom left bug 7 times and the bottom right bug 8 times followed by clicking on the upper right bug to enter it.)

Using this portal generator will interfere with the global flag that contains the scene number of the last landscape visited. As such it is recommended that you use this only for visiting specific scenes and not in the middle of a game session.
Scene 28: STT Flyin 1
Scene 78:  IYE Deluxe Theme Room

  • Click on the heart by the faucet (1) four times.

  • Click on the heart immediately behind Cathy's right hand (2) four times.

  • Rollover the computer screen (3)...random words appear as long as the mouse stays over the monitor.
Scene 78: IYE Deluxe Theme Room
Scene 40:  IYE Flyin Riddle 2

After you've had your three tries, and the satellite has gone away:

  • Click on the four stars (1), (2), (3), (4) that make up the bowl of the big dipper four times each.

  • Click in the middle of the bowl (5) once.

  • The stars will rearrange themselves and it will become obvious where to click next.
Scene 40: IYE Flyin Riddle 2
Scene 108:  STT Flyin Riddle 2

This is the grand finale of the secret scenes and will reward you by setting all mood loops, flyins, boffins, and interactive art pieces to a found state. After you've made your three guesses:

  • Click on each of the four dark bricks at the bottom of the wall four times each.(1), (2), (3), (4)

  • Click on the tree trunk (5) once.

  • Take the apple from the foreground ant and give it to the ant running along the wall.

  • After four loops, Peter will walk left to right and reveal graffitti on the wall.

  • Click on each of the names to reveal a separate animation.
Note: As this scene sets all flags to found, some riddle scenes not previously visited in the session will behave strangely.
Scene 108: IYE Flyin Riddle 2
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