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Peter Gabriel
EVE : The Music and Art Adventure

EVE, a multimedia CD-ROM featuring the music of Peter Gabriel and the art of renowned artists Helen Chadwick, Yayoi Kusama, Cathy de Monchaux, and Nils-Udo was originally proposed in December of 1993. Work on the CD-ROM began in the spring of 1994 as a collaboration of Real World Multimedia of Box, England and the Starwave Corporation of Seattle, USA.

Technical Specifications

Unlike Gabriel's first CD-ROM, Explora, which was developed with Macromedia Director, EVE was created with a proprietary multimedia authoring tool developed at Starwave. Known internally as Dr. Seuss, the tool was developed as the foundation of Starwave's CD-ROM efforts and was used to create the critically acclaimed yet financially unsuccessful titles: Eastwood, Sting, and Muppets Inside. For the creation of EVE, the Dr. Seuss authoring environment was extended to support lightning fast alpha channelled sprites and a Basic-like programming language called Possum that opened up new levels of interactivity not previously possible in the original Dr. Seuss. In addition, the EVE player was ported to the Macintosh making it possible to ship a dual platform CD-ROM with one set of audio, video, and art assets.

My role on the project

After Eastwood shipped in the fall of 1995, I was brought on board the EVE project to lead scene programming and animation sequencing. As with all software products, EVE was full of the usual ups and downs. The EVE team, however, did have the additional challenge of trying to harmonize art and engineering tasks between continents. It was also a strange time for the Starwave team to work on a CD-ROM project as the company changed its focus exclusively to online services. EVE became an orphan project among such online services as ESPN Sportszone, Nascar, and Family Planet.

While scene programming was my primary responsibility, I was also involved in the production of art assets including what became my personal mission to add shadows to as many sprite objects in the product as possible. Because EVE was prototyped with Director, almost all the art came over from England without shadows, not taking full advantage of Dr Seuss's ability to render alpha channelled sprites. The Shaking the Tree Riddle Scene with the flying insects is a good example of a scene that was improved dramatically. By creating shadows of different transparancies and sequencing them in relation to an insect's projected distance from the ground, I was able to give the scene a depth and believability that it had lacked previously. (For a shortcut to this scene and to discover other EVE secrets, click on the sperm below.)

Though some of the puzzles in EVE may be a bit obscure, the photographic quality of the art combined with the music of Peter Gabriel make EVE a CD-ROM to remember.


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