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I produced this screen for the movie The Enforcer from a rough created by the art director. Three of the characters were colorized from black and white originals. The four characters on the right launch either video or audio clips and have highlighted rollover and down states.

Eastwood was my first real job after college and gave me the opportunity to learn numerous tools and new skills. I was initially hired onto the project as a photorealistic PhotoShop artist, but soon took on new responsibilities including designing interface elements, prototyping functionality with Director, and sequencing "slide shows" from frame grabs. Other than the art director, I was the one artist kept onto the very end of the project, dealing with art issues up until the day of the last build.

Eastwood was a great project to work on. The responsibilities and freedom I was given to make decisions would give me the confidence needed to take on even more challenging projects and opportunities in the future.

Production Artist

Composited a variety of source materials into coherent photorealistic backgrounds with Adobe PhotoShop

Colorized black and white source material

Designed genre movie posters, online HELP, mini montages

Designed and produced button art throughout product in normal, rollover, and down states

Designed and produced animating cursors and product icon

Designed and sequenced slide shows of still video with audio

Prototyped functionality with Macromind Director

Grabbed video from comp sources for mock up: VHS and 3/4" and from BETA SP for final production

Devised and documented strategies for development, naming convention, and cut up of art for assembly

Worked with EDL's, tracked media usage in database

Primary backup person of art director and associate producer last two months of project