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Working on Castle Infinity, Starwave's mega-player online kid's game, gave me the opportunity to design and manage an entire commercial web site. The site that was in place when I joined the team was redesigned and restructured from the ground up to simplify navigation, reduce download time, and reflect sales and marketing goals more closely.

Designed Castle Infinity web site (

Supported marketing with graphic needs: produced printed materials, ad banners

Designed game levels

I animated the Castle Infinity logo above especially for the site's entry page which you see to the left. After much experimentation I was able to get the animated graphic to 12K and the entire page to around 20K which was a marked improvement over the previous home page of over 100K. The movement of the orb brings the user's eye back and forth among the links to the three primary sections of the site.

The "What is Castle Infinity?" page shows the universal navigation bar on the left. The red graphical links take users to the various sections of the site. A minature animated logo appears at the top of the navigation links and returns users to the main index page.